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MC Fumunda is joined by Jaykon, Pfunk, and back by popular demand, our resurrected lord...Jesus (hispanic pronunciation).  As the fellas fill their livers with alcohol, they also unabashedly talk about a variety of topics including Jeanstalk, romancin' our ladies with thumbs and piss, Jesus' cautionary tale of condom-free lovemakin' with nearly strangers, sexy talk in the bedroom, MC and Pfunk's textual relationship, tales of work pooping, the worst times to have a boner, shoplifting, and gobs more!
MC is joined by Jaykon and JP (the artist formerly known as Pattah Buttuh). to do a dramatic reading from some erotic(?) literature, tease MC's starring role as the resident rapist in an independent feature film and how he's preparing for that role, JP's toilet reading, why it's dangerous to eat an Alfredo Pizza, humping during punctuation, why JP gets a boner during Carrie, standing sex, ovenfresh sub-sex, effin' around on a job for entertainment, bein' green when beatin', a gym whoopsie, JP's massive forearms, a manly summer job bein' a dude, case race shenanigans, Parks Departments poop, halloween costumes, Michael J. Fox film background strangeness, budget saving ideas for JP's film, Huge Hatman, The Howling marathon, Nic Cageness, and probably other stuff!
With Jesus, Burps Reynolds, and Angry Bear
episode nineteen - "not for the ladies"